Our Packages

BaleMaker house packages are designed to meet international timber framing & engineering standards. Our packages are above the average and normal supply from Bali both in the standards we use and the quality of the workmanship and finishing. We use only Merbau & Bangkirai Hardwoods in our structurally built home packages, and these timbers are used specifically for applications according to the type of timber components involved. Our homes are also fully prebuilt and are designed in a knock down form, but they are not Kit Homes, they are much more complete and precision made. These are the types of specifications any customer should be looking for when purchasing a Bali Home.

Our Custom House packages come standard with
• Complete set of Construction submitt drawings or government/ County submittal (for the timber house)
• Complete set of assembly drawings, schedules and packing lists and details
• Post & Beam construction with infill structural walls
• Complete engineered timber floor structures, wall structures and raked ceiling structures in the correct sizes, spacings and spans according to international and country/ government requirements
• Class 1 T&G Long length timber flooring & S4S decking
• Exterior timber cladding over our structural stud walls, bracing and vapour barriers
• Merbau Kiln Dry hardwood doors and windows with surround frames/jambs, thick door and window leaf stiles and rails, mortice and tenon joints, solid hardwood panells or tempered, high impact glass. Our door systems include, bifold, Swing, Sliding and French type doors. All doors are complete preconstructed and prehung including the installation of all doors hinges and hardware (In satin stainless finish) All exterior doors and windows come complete with an integrated weather proofing seals system. All doors and windows are prefinished in exterior grade pain laquer finishes
• Prefinishing of all timber house components (Except flooring and decking which are to be installed, sanded and finished onsite)
• Kitchen & Bathroom Vanity’s Fitout – manufactured in hardwood including all base and overhead cabinets and island bars (where applicable) all doors and fronts are solid wood type (No MDF used) We have a range of kitchen tops including; granite, andesite, Corian/Resin type bars and kitchen counter tops. Stainless steel sinks.
• Hardwood built in robes with venitilated hardwood shelving, stainless steel hanging poles, hardwood doors sliding bifold and swing type doors.
• A choice of exposed catheral ceiling underlay including; woven rattan glued back to ¼”plywood (precutt and fitted) timber shipplap planking boards & drywall, gypsum finishes.
• All balustrading and stair setts with the correct spacings and heights AGL
• Complete range of Galvanized and stainless Hurricane ties and fixings, tiedowns, bracing and all bolts and connectors for the house assembly

Other BaleMaker house supply options:
• Our Patented Bale Maker TM ironwood fast lay roof cover system complete with hardwood hip and ridge section
• Synthetic & natural alang grass roof thatching options
• Metal roof (zincalume) in standing seam and custom orb profile & guttering systems                                • Optional hardwood and aluminium tuffcoat Insects screen door and window integrated package

Other Bale Maker Products & Packages

Architectural window and door design and supply packages for residential and resort applications incorporating design elements and systems including: Breezeway louver systems, Henderson Weatherfold Coastal Elite bifold door Systems, DW Hardware door sliding systems. We can design our doors and window packages for any environment but more specifically for the tropics ( Our past W&D projects include; Samudra Resort Nth Queensland, Irontree Residence Oahu, McBain Residence Brisbane Australia)

BaleMaker Stoneworks Division – Working exclusively together with European reknown stone mason Patrik Watts and his established Java company BaleMaker has developed a specific range of stone products to compliment its house and resort projects buildings. From fine cut marble floor and wall tiles to equisite stone and pebble mozaics, palimanan stone tiles, lava stone tiles and feature wall tiles and classic Borobudur lava stone murals. In addition we have a range of stone accesories from stone garden lamps and stone statues, to water fountains. Contact BaleMaker for more information on our new stone products division.

Furniture Design Packages - because of the ever increasing interest in our homes and products BaleMaker also designs and manufactures custom home furniture, specifically for its own homes & projects, including the Mikino House, Kapoho House, Brazil Mist MR house Samudra Resort, and most recently its CI Breeze model home (please see our completed houses section for photos and examples of our furniture) We use hardwood timbers inclusing merbau and teak for our furniture production and focus on designing furniture which will blend and work well specifically for tropical destinations. Contact BaleMaker for more information on our new furniture designs & products.