Our Process

Our Process - Phase1



Design and Engineering
The first stage of the overall building process is the design phase. BaleMaker has an Expatriate and Indonesian design building team that specializes in modular island design homes, villa's, restaurants, pavilions, and other associated buildings.
Balemaker uses Auto CAD 2D, 3D, and rendering programs to prepare all of our drawings, including:
- Concept plans and elevations
- Construction drawings for council approvals
- Detailed onsite assembly drawings
- 3D concepts for homes and villas
- Complex resort-style rendering layouts
All residential and commercial designs have been approved in all countries built, including CI and Queensland Australia, The Islands of Hawaii, The Bahamas, Tonga and Tahiti. BaleMaker structures are designed specifically for high wind/hurricane/cyclonic regions, incorporating a full compliment of hurricane design ties and connectors, holdowns, post bases cross bracing, wind rated glass and fully sealable doors and windows. Our designs conform to - and exceed - international building codes including the Australian standards 1684-3 for Cyclonic Areas Dade County of the Bahamas, & The Hawaiian Islands County’s Building Codes.

Our Process - Phase 2

Facilities and Materials
The 2nd stage of the overall building process is the selection & processing of our tropical hardwoods.
BaleMaker uses only the highest grade hardwoods such as Merbau, Balau and Ironwood. These timbers are naturally resistant to termites and have the equivalent of an F27 structural strength rating according to Australian standards.
Once delivered to our factory, the timbers are processed to various stages with our plant bandsaw machinery. Having our own bandsaw mill allows us to select and cut timber to the correct sizes as in accordance with International framing standards.
(NOTE - most other competing companies do not have the same quality standard, and to save time and money, they simply buy standard "timber grocer" sizes, which are all smaller than the size requirements for international framing standards. It's important to call this out to potential clients, as it's one of the main reasons our competitors are often cheaper. and always inferior.)
Key items such as window and door timber, flooring, decking and siding are sent to be kiln dried.

Our Process - Phase 3

Modular Pre-construction
The 3RD stage of the overall building process is the prefabrication and erection of the timber frame structures at BaleMakers huge, undercover assembly factory area which is the size of two aircraft hangers. It is here that temporary pier footings are laid out into position and are set using laser levels to ensure that the house is prefabricated within the tightest tolerances possible and to mimic what the onsite footings placement and house final position will be.

Before being installed, each house/building component is machined, hand sanded and then prelaquered to protect the timber. As BaleMaker homes are designed so that they can be dismantled and shipped, all timber components are drilled, bolted and screwed together.
Upon completion, all parts are labelled directly, prior to the structures being disassembled. BaleMaker homes are not kit homes, they are fully engineered custom manufactured homes!

Our Process - Phase 4

Finishing, Packing & Shipping
The 4th stage of the overall building process is the finishing, packing and shipping of our tropical homes, villas, and structures to their final destination country.
Upon disassembly, each component is carefully final lacquered with the appropriate finishing lacquer. For example, all exterior exposed components are finished with a minimum of Sickens Cetol or marine grade finishes.

(NOTE - This is another area of major difference between BaleMaker homes and our competitors. Because most "Bali tropical homes" will be purchased for tropical environments, having top-quality exterior varnishing/lacquering is critically important to protect the wood and to minimize maintenance costs.)
Once finished coated, all components are carefully packed with a layer of protective foam sheeting, and then packed with carton materials. The coding which is directly on the timber members is also applied to the packed componentry along with the building name and clients name. All items requiring timber packing such as Granite Kitchen tops, are packed with pre-treated and stamped timber packing in accordance with AQIS requirements.

Our Process - Phase 5

Training for Onsite Assembly
An integral part of BaleMakers total building system is our in-house training program for our clients' onsite builders.
We have the unique situation of having the client's house/villa fully pre-built here at our factory - undercover in a completely controlled environment - which provides the perfect training ground for onsite builders/head carpenter's to come to Bali and see how each structure is built and put together. (We request the client's builders/carpenter come to Bali when the houses/villa's are complete and prior to our disassemble and packing stages.)
We provide a smooth end thorough training course here at our factory, meeting room and design offices where our Expat staff go through our system of Assembly drawings, packing lists and component's schedules, along with directly observing the pre-built structures. We also go through all the stages of putting the buildings back together onsite in clear and methodic steps, and what types of tools & equipment may be required onsite to ensure the rebuild goes according together, efficiently & correctly. Our in-house training program normally takes three full days to complete, and we arrange accommodation and transfers for all participants’ as required.
In addition to our in-house training system, BaleMaker provides upon request onsite training and assistance for our clients and builders, including; in Tahiti, Australia & Hawaii.